Friday, September 9, 2011

Hold My Hand, Let's Breathe It All In Together

I love the transitional seasons of fall and spring.  I guess all the seasons are, in a sense, transitional, but I love the refreshing fall breeze and the warm spring winds that cool me off and warm me up.  I love the smells and the blue skies and the way the earth's greenery seems to perk up, satisfied. 

It is a time of satisfaction, right?  It's not so blazing hot or starkly cold that you feel compelled to choose a side of the global warming debate.

The fact is though that satisfaction, even on a mint condition day like today is hard to keep in one's grasp.  I have found myself laughing at two squirrels arguing over the rights to an acorn, but also shooting irritated looks at the crow who is not using his inside voice outside. 

I remember several mornings as a child standing with my dad beneath the trees in our backyard, their green leaves in the middle of moving towards yellows and reds.  Dad would point up to the treetops and tell me to look.  He would clap his hands loudly and what seemed like a thousand birds would fly out of the trees, brilliantly disturbed.  I never saw the birds until he clapped them out of hiding.  I would try to pull off the same trick, but my small hands never held the power of my dad's. 

It appears that the winner of the acorn chase has been chosen--it is the crow.  Apparently though, he was only in it for the chase.  He has dropped it from his beak and flown off.  I guess all of nature is prone to a little dissatisfaction. 

Though I may yearn to be hot when I am cold and cold when I am hot, I will not forget the sound of my dad clapping, nor the feel of his hand in mine as we walked back inside.  I will not forget the delight.  I will not forget my little one's hand in mine nor the delight she brings to me. 

Nature has provided a wonderful, beautiful background.  Human relationships and connections accentuate that beauty and leave the scenes unforgettable. 

I'm not sure she's held an acorn yet. Let me go get her and show her something new.