Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Remembering the Good, Introduction

Every year, I struggle with what to "give up" or "add in" for Lent.  I find that usually the things I give up are things I need to give up regardless of the season, i.e. Coca-Cola, and that just doesn't feel right to me anymore.  In the past, and also around Thanksgiving, I notice that people use the time to give thanks daily for something or someone in their lives.  This feels better to me; it's more in tune with what I believe the Lenten season to be--one of introspection. 

Recognizing that I will not write 40 statements of gratitude, and, perhaps because I have trouble limiting myself to just a statement, I am going to write down some things from the past 32 years that have had an impact on who I am today.

I write this entry only so that the internet universe will have my promise on record, and therefore, hold me accountable.