Sunday, August 16, 2015

Prayer for the School Year

Almighty God,
At the beginning of this new school year, we pray for the new students and the seasoned students, for the shy students and the lively students, for the academically-minded students and the experiential students, for the beloved students and the isolated students. 

We pray for
    their minds to be clear
    their bodies to be safe
    their senses to be stirred
    their bellies to be full
    their spirits to be encouraged
and for their whole selves to find loving people with whom and
places in which to share both their worries and their gifts.

We pray for the students who are chronically ill; oh Lord, send to them your Spirit who heals and comforts.
We pray too for the educators who will lead our students through this next year.  May you give them patience, resources, and recognition.  We are thankful for our teachers and for the passion in which they approach each lesson.  We are thankful that they generously share their knowledge.

We are grateful for our school buildings, for the opportunity to be educated, for the provisions you give us in supplies and transportation.  Push us to return to the world the knowledge that we acquire—let us give of our minds so that more opportunities are available to those who cannot freely learn.  Let us share the gifts of language, of math, of arts and science, of reading and illustration and music.

Let us also share the gifts given to us through the teaching of Christ Jesus.  Let us extend a hand in service to others.  Let us pray as intercessors and as children, praying as Christ taught us to pray...Amen.