Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things that are harder to do once you're pregnant (Part 1)

This, I'm sure, will be an evolving list.

  1. You cannot wash two dogs in the shower with you anymore. Various reasons.
  2. Sleep in the same bed with someone.
  3. Keep your mouth shut. This was already a little hard for me. But now, as people gasp and gape about how little or big they think my belly is, tell me about their labor experiences, become opinionated about the name of the baby, etc., my smile is continuing to function less and less as a facial expression and more and more as a means of keeping replies in my mouth.
  4. It is getting increasingly harder and harder to flush a public potty by hiking my foot up to the handle. I don't know how this story ends. I've just got to remain limber enough--there is not enough toilet paper in the world for me to put my hand on the handle (footle?).
  5. Keep things in your hands or off your belly. I tried to make instant pudding just last night and ended up with most of the powder on the floor and a good deal of milk on the front of my belly.