Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some thoughts about clothes

Warning: My mood is less than stellar. I'm trying to filter myself more than usual, but I can't guarantee an offensive-less post today. I had to put air in my tires this morning and that just started the day off poorly.

Thankfully, with gratitude towards my cousin who lent me many maternity clothes, I have not had to shop for too many clothes along the way. Last night, I decided that I really needed another pair of pants for work. Here are some thoughts I have for designers and makers of this clothing line.

  1. Horizontal stripes are not a good look for too many people who are not pregnant. They really are disturbing to find on maternity shirts. Please, don't make my midsection look broader.
  2. Logos should not fall over bellies or boobies. Unless you're paying me to wear your product, I'm not advertising for you.
  3. I have never really been a fan of words spelled out across booties. Maybe that's because I'd rather not accent that body part on me. Actually, I really don't care reading "Dawgs" or "Pinkalicious" or "Hottie" on anyone's rear. Personal preference, I guess. This feeling greatly extends to a pregnant woman's shorts. Let's leave that fabric swatch free and clear of messages.
  4. Similarly, messages on t-shirts are out of control! I can already see that you have a "sweet bun in (your) oven."

Again, I don't want to post anything on any part of my body, really ever, but especially right now. I hope that some marketer is not thinking of attaching an automatic noisemaker to some item of clothing that starts beeping when a pregnant woman walks backwards.

And please, if you see a pregnant woman putting air in her tires, please offer to help. It's just the right thing to do.