Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The things I think about...

One afternoon at lunch, I was sipping my glorious Coca Cola (yes, I have a glass a day and I'm fine with that), and Baby Girl started her usual mid-day dance.  The thought slipped through my mind, "I can't wait to meet you and let you tell me what you were thinking about that Coke and whether or not your dance was a happy one or a mad one."  In nearly the same instant I realized that she would never have an answer for me. 

She is never going to tell me why she danced at lunch or at 11 PM, why she responded to both Chopin and Metallica (she's my little girl!), or why she thought there might be a womb exit somewhere around the bottom of my right boob (sorry for the graphic image). 

She will never be able to tell me why she covered her face at nearly every ultrasound, why she kicked the stethoscope whenever it touched my belly, or, ultimately, why she will decide to make her entry on a particular day and time.

This next thought is completely dedicated to and thanks to Dr. Walker, from seminary:
Could we make it in this world if we were able to remember Eden?

I will have to think about this some more, during my next theological reflection time.