Friday, May 27, 2011

Is there a post-post partum?

Several things are happening at once and, as a result, I'm having some...feelings.

One:  We sent the baby swing and a box of clothes home with mom and dad to be stored until they might (or might not) be necessary again.

Two:  I'm weaning Baby Girl.

Three:  I'm turning 32 and an article from last year is plaguing me--something to the effect of "women are at their beauty peak at age 31."

As suggested in the previous post, I tend to be a little, well, keep-y.  I'm also pretty sentimental.  My hubby is the opposite--he'll throw all kinds of things away without the thought of sentiment.  He's anti-sentiment.  (Read that carefully, he loves all peoples.  He dated a Jewish girl in high school, though that may have had less to do with her being Jewish and more to do with her being a cheerleader.)

I teared up as we packed away the swing.  Sure did.  For a swing.

The weaning process is terrible.  I truly never imagined it would be so difficult--for me.  I'm sure the baby will be fine. 

I won't miss the neck pain, the back pain, or feeling like Mr. Mayfield might pull up a stool next to me soon, yellow jug in hand.  And truly, baby teeth are little torture devices--why do people ever want to get nipple piercings?  There are other gruesome details that I am, for everyone's sake, keeping to myself.   

I will miss the built-in diet, the immediate bottle, and the pre-meal little slap she gives me on my side, coupled with the anticipatory smile.

And since I spent half of age 31 pregnant and the other half recovering from being pregnant, do I get a do-over?  Year 32, you kind of snuck up on me, but I'm ready for you...right after I take a nap.